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Jardins Secs

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PLAIN "Médiéval" always glazed : "Etoile" (star) : 30 x 30cm about +- 11 pieces /m2 weight = 3,30Kg "Croix"
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The gardens, according to Ossart & Maurières, are a vibrant tribute to the aridity that produces them, and at the

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"Palmier" unglazed :PM 17 x 17cm Thickness = 2,5cm 35 pieces / m² Weight per piece= 1,6 Kg 240,00€ TVAc /m²

For some time now, we have encountered problems obtaining the tiles of this collection. The designers, Ossart & Maurières, have given up, considering the ever greater difficulty of finding craftsmen who are willing to produce them, … and have gone to other places. For a while, I hoped to continue as these tiles matched perfectly with my research. But now I feel like I’m writing for an obituary. Some of the products we sell were once very hard to source, but now they have to be taken out of the catalogue for lack of fighters to produce them, while others are endangered species. The current health situation makes it impossible to find new solutions, I would like to believe that this is a temporary conclusion.

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