Cut Corners

Zelli are cut by hand, one by one.
The “cut corners” are cut in order to insert cabochons, on a single angle …

… or on 4 angles :


Zellij «Cut Corners» 10x10cm without cabochons : 100 pieces per m²
less than 1m² = 2,88€ VAT incl./piece
more than 1m² = 1,82€ VAT incl./piece or 182,00€ VAT incl./m²

Unglazed zellij «Cut Corners» 10x 10cm without cabochons : 100 pieces per m²
les than 1m² = 2,30€ VAT incl./piece
more than 1m² = 1,31€ VAT incl./piece or 131,00€ VAT incl./m²

Zellij No.2 and zellij cabochons No.17  :

Zellij No.5 and zellij cabochons No.9 :

Unglazed zellij No.1 and zellij cabochons No.2 :

Zellij No.45 and zellij cabochons No.43 :

Zellij No.40 and Hard Stones cabochons No.4.3. (white and grey Agate, Jasper)

Zellij No.12 and Hard Stones cabochons No.2.1. (white Agate and Onyx).

Zellij No.21 and Seashell cabochons No.2.

Zellij No.19 and “Shiny” glass cabochons No.6.