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Desert Design

… et un livre
ouvrage collectif édité à l’occasion des expositions éponymes

Tapis collectés par Lahcen Aït Khouya, Arnaud Maurières et Eric Ossart

Texte : Arnaud Maurières

Photographie des tapis : Rachid Bouzidi …



Photographies contextuelles : Nicolas Schimp

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Shop in Brussels

As far as we are concerned ,
the magnificent huge showrooms have become obsolete, heavy and expensive.
So, our completely renovated website has become the largest, most alive showroom possible !

Now, like in Paris and London, our Brussels address
has adopted more …

… modest proportions. However, everything is done to give a comfortable access to our collections.

Because, and most important, all our collections are still available.
As many of our references are handcrafted and made to order,
this allows us to develop customized adaptation.

This unlikely combination of craftsmanship and virtuality has spawned a world of exclusivities
much bigger than anything we had dreamed of.