The laying rules for cement tiles are simple, but they must be imperatively respected under penalty of tribulations that will be difficult, or sometimes even impossible to repair afterwards.

The traditional laying, which is the most elegant, is carried out with VERY FINE JOINTS (1 to 2mm maximum) in a neutral grey colour.

Double sizing : the mortar is spread over the entire surface of the floor and also …

… on the whole surface on the back of the tile.

Never use a mallet to put the tiles in place as this causes microcracks.

 to prevent the grouting product from penetrating the coloured layer …

… and proceed to GROUTING BY SMALL SURFACES immediately cleaned with clear water to …

… prevent the grout from drying and becoming embedded in the tile itself … as you see below ! 

with a thick mortar on stabilized sand or rigid base (concrete, screed) can be used, but it has several disadvantages and some precautions additional to take :

Immersion of the tiles in water for at least 4 hours before laying.
Prohibition to use a mallet that would crack the tiles.
Possibility of visible efflorescences after the installation. These eventually disappear, but only after frequent washing.
High drying time before waxing.
Necessity of laying by an experienced professional tiler.

The making of angles (especially in stairs) is difficult because the cement tile is fragile on the corner.
An iron angle in L treated with antirust, of which only the vertical face is visible, is a very effective and visually lighter way to protect the angle.

Alternatively, use a “Bejmat” (zellige for angles enamelled on two sides) as for the edge of this basin.

On clean and dry cement tiles, the best and most natural protection is a waxing in several thin layers …

For maintenance then, clean regularly with water and mild soap or any other greasy soap to bring a beautiful satin finish. When the traffic is important, it is good to feed the tiles with a new  layer of wax from time to time between the usual cleanings …

The wax brings a soft glow to the colours.
Depending on the choice of each of us, the wax will be used often and polished for a very shiny aspect, or not so often just to protect the tiled surface.
Repeated washes with mild soap also provide a very natural finish.

Detailed technical instructions

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