Like a London tailor, this means we tailor one of our designs to a customer’s measurements.
And even more, because we also have to adapt to the specific conditions of a place.
But, in any case, we are not the implementer of models other than ours.

However, even from our models this does not mean that everything is possible.
First there are the purely technical constraints linked to the materials used, for example their resistance, their weight
or, in the case of ceramics, the reactions between glazes when passing through fire.
This also has to do with the function of the objects we produce because they not only have a decorative aspect, they also have a use.
Then come aesthetic considerations which, although more subjective, remain no less determining.
Indeed, when we create a model we don’t really want to see it completely distorted.
…in any case if it is made in our name, the copiers take care of it themselves.

So, made-to-measure has its limits that, for all the reasons described,
we analyze each request, reserving the possibility of declining.
Which is ultimately relatively rare, because most often the development of a somewhat complex customized project involves
joint work with the client to find a feasible solution that suits them.
Each tailor-made project requires additional work, even in the transmission and control of execution.
It is a cost, also in time, which is the price to pay for exclusivity.

Sometimes made-to-measure goes even further,
because certain non-catalogue requests from our customers seem irresistible to us.
Which often leads to a new entry in our collection.

Among our products for which we can speak of made-to-measure, there are cement tiles.
We offer a choice of 48 freely combinable colours for around 500 patterns.
We carry out a detailed layout of your project which allows you to discover it applied to the dimensions
and the real constraints of your space, and also to transmit precise instructions to the performers.


The wrought iron is made by a traditional workshop in Morocco, the same craftsmen from father to son for 30 years.
They therefore know our models perfectly.
And it is precisely this very small, very exclusive production that makes our production so flexible.
and which allows slight adaptations such as the dimensions of an andiron in relation to the space in your fireplace,
up to a sophisticated tailor-made such as a succession of grilles to close a space.
The furniture or railings have structural requirements linked to the material used and functional requirements linked to their use.
Our collaborators are there to help you throughout your project and will produce the necessary layouts.


Wallpapers by the meter and in squares are made by hand in our workshops with our collection of paints.
All the colours in our range can therefore be combined to bring your projects to fruition. On the other hand, the size of the models is fixed.
While for digital prints, it is the opposite, the colours are determined
but dimensions may vary above a minimum size
because the exceptional quality of the enlargements produced allows for surprises and magical discoveries.


Still with the same idea of extreme customization of our models,
the play of colour combinations applies to our rugs with 42 wool colours and the 42 silk colours offered.
But we can also play with the contrast between matte material and shiny material.
The dimensions of the rug in relation to the examples shown may also change, which obviously requires
a sometimes significant adaptation of the arrangement of the patterns, for which a layout is then carried out.

All these developments certainly require an investment on the part of the customer,
This is not about ready-to-wear and even more so about ready-to-go.
But, at the same time, it is a form of exclusivity that is offered.
The necessary supervision on our part is also an investment.
So, in order not to penalize catalog requests without adaptation in terms of the price of our products,
we chose to request an additional 10% flat rate for the tailor-made item.
In the case of iron, this fixed price can be increased if the adaptation results in additional work or material for the craftsman.