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Hard Stones

Histoire des carrelages pierres dures | Emery&Cie View Large
ABOUT HARD STONES :   Hard stones are semi-precious stones skilfully inlaid into marble. They can be found in Italy
Cabochon pierres dures View Large
CABOCHONS 5 x 5cm : 1.1. White agate, brown cornelian and yellow jasper 56,00€ VAT incl. 1.2. Brown jasper, yellow cornelian
Panneaux en pierre dure | Emery&Cie View Large
50 x 80cm 2.160,00€ VAT incl. 80 x 110cm 4.560,00€ VAT incl. 50 x 80cm 2.160,00€ VAT incl. 50 x 80cm
Pierre View Large

Frieze «Rinceau» : black marble, agate and mother of pearl on white marble : 20 x 40cm 1.020,00€ VAT incl. per

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