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Odile’s kitchen was sad. Not ugly per se, but really sad with its neutral, plain look, a dreary little thing in laminated white. Nothing in its soul to encourage healthy eating. So Odile bought a tin of “Absinthe N° 29” colour paint. It should be mentioned that Odile is a pretty redhead – the colour “absinthe” brings out her beauty. She also chose several “La Gazelle” door knobs for the top cupboards and some “L’Escargot” for the lower ones. One Sunday in springtime, one of those days that inspires change, before she knew it she had changed everything, and everything was truly changed: Odile’s kitchen became cheerful, elegant and fun.

This is “small things that make all the difference”, no need to spend up large or worry too much for life to change, details are what create an entire world from them. They’re everywhere in daily life, we’re always touching them, and in most cases they’re tiresomely ugly. These little objects are like an insult muttered 100 times a day, the trail of a disheartening environment pursuing us even in our private sanctuary. We had already taken on these prosaic and ever present objects, hooks, cupboard handles, console tables …

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