“Kleurtjes” are cheerful little traditional tiles in size 13x13cm like the very famous Dutch “Delft” tiles which have decorated so many kitchens since the 16th century, and not only in castles.
We also have them in bigger sizes such as 20×20 cm and 30x 30cm, and in cabochons 5x 5cm.

Delft tiles are almost always white or rather whitish, which is what earned them their Dutch nickname “witjes”, literally “little white ones”. That is why we call our tiles “Kleurtjes”, which means “little coloured ones”, to underline the connection. Apart from the size and the traditional appearance of the surface and the shape, and even if they use very modern sparkling enamels, I find that they have a deep-rooted familiarity with their glorious ancestors through their likeable simplicity, a sort of attractive and jovial roundness that fits in well with all things Belgian.

The colours in the range of “Kleurtjes” serve as a colour reference for embossed tiles, or painted by hand tiles, …

… and for our collections of ceramic objects.