Composition of EMERY&Cie’s Acrylic paint

20% to 40% neutral calcium-based mineral charges
(in the form of lime, chalk or marble powder)
or silicon (in the form of sand, clay, kaolin or talc)
20 to 40% organic binders
5 to 25% organic or non organic pigments according to the colours
15 to 25% water

All production uses resources and it is not enough to choose “natural” products for the overall
ecological impact of a paint to be virtuous. Really ecological paints are ultimately very rare, even
though this aspect has become an essential commercial argument to the point of doubting the
veracity of everything !
So, no speech to make our paint greener than it is, because a transparent approach seems a better
guarantee to allow everyone to be in his daily balance with respect to these major concerns.

Features :

High pigment content for exceptional matt finish and covering power.
Breathing, odourless, low VOC, washable.
All colours can be mixed together.
Dries quickly.
Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Background preparation :

The paint adheres to almost any material, but the quality of the substrate is essential to achieve a consistent and lasting result.
The background must be dry and sound, dusted and defatted or sanded if necessary.
The use of a PRIMER is strongly recommended in the following cases:

-Too porous substrate.
-Doubtful substrate (some metals, glass, wood or plastics).
-Old traces of moisture, nicotine, previous oil paints etc…
-Chimneys where the soot may reappear through the paint.
-New plaster coats because of the risk of reaction of the pigments composing the paint with the plaster.

Coverage: between 6 and 8 square metres per kilo for one layer
or between 3 and 4 square metres per kilo for two layers.
These estimates can vary considerably depending on the absorbency of the background.

Application :

With a brush, a roller or spray.
Cleaning of the tools with water.

Laying :

Our paint is supposed to be laid as it is but, depending on the tool used, it may be necessary to dilute it (between 5 to 10% water).
It has to be laid in 1 or 2 coats depending on the way of proceeding, the quality of the background or the expected aspect.

It is strongly discouraged to paint:
During very hot weather: the paint dries too quicly, which leads to traces of splices and a risk of cracks.
During very cold weather : the paint is difficult to use below 5°Celsius.
Never use a greasy coating during the preparation, because there is incompatibility.

Preservation :

FREE FROM FROST AND SUN, well closed paint cans can last several years.


Available in pots of :

1KG (2,20 lbs) = 27,00€ VAT incl.
6KG (13,22 lbs) = 132,00€ VAT incl.

15KG (33,07 lbs) = 264,00€ VAT incl.
only White and No.25 “Craie”
and on order in other colours.