The traditional format of the «Bejmat» is 5 x 15cm, with a thickness of 2,5cm.
It is used to cover floors.
The lateral sides can also be glazed to form a nice visible angle because, unlike the other models of zellij, it is not hand cut after firing.

We also have them produced with a thickness of 1,2cm to lay them on walls.

Glazed finish 5 x 15cm , thickness = 1,2cm (for wall):
1,47€ VAT incl./piece or 196,98€ VAT incl./m²
134 pieces per m²

Glazed finish 5 x 15cm, thickness = 2,5cm (for floor) :
 1,36€ VAT incl./piece or 182,24€ VAT incl./m²
134 pieces per m²

Unglazed 5 x 15cm = 2,5cm (for floor):
0,98€ VAT incl./piece or 131,32€ VAT incl./m²
134 pieces per m²