Our tiles “Faux-Iznik” are handmade in India, and supply may sometimes result difficult. So we have created a variation of the style painted in our workshop in Brussels on Kleurtjes.

False «Faux-Iznik» painted by hand in Brussels on Kleurtjes 20 x 20cm (3 firings are necessary) :

90,00€ VAT incl./tile

1.500,00€ VAT incl./complete panel 40 x 200cm

The tile we use as background is very different …

… but, most of all, the technique itself is different. The whole piece has gained in lightness thanks to my marten hair brush when my Indian colleague’s brush is more rustic, its hair taken from the tail of a grey squirrel. So, the choice remains very
subjective and we continue proposing both versions.

Variations in turquoise and green are being considered …