Patchwork :

So, the boxes with mixed patterns are put together by chance.
However, the rule is that a same pattern with the same colours can be repeated only once every 2m².

MULTICOLOURED Patchwork of patterned cement tiles :
13 pieces in a box, minimum 2 boxes = 1,04m²
125,00€ VAT incl./box = 240,38€ VAT incl./m²

Personalized Patchwork of patterned cement tiles :
on estimate


The art of patchwork, like the art of using leftovers in cooking, is particularly enjoyable. The feeling of doing “something useful” is certainly part of the fun, and this was long before the appearance of environmentalist beliefs, but this moral is not sufficient to justify such intense pleasure.
I am convinced that the main factor is that of surprise : the art of using leftovers, whatever they may be, always bring unexpected combinations because we are not always in total control. So this is a game, so chance always play a part ! I would even add that you should not try to work against the effects of chance, if you want to enjoy the pleasure of a surprise : a false patchwork is just a project like any other. And while it is very difficult to resist the temptation to try to improve upon chance just a little, you must not drive away the divine surprise which is the purpose of the game. I have tried to apply my acknowledge of the rules of patchwork to tiles. And the results are so joyful, amusing, insolent even that I cannot find adjectives to describe them. But it is imperative to respect the effects of chance, so the game consists in buying boxes containing a ready-made mixture of patterned tiles, without knowing what is inside. Of course, that is rather frightening, but without fear there can be no surprise.
Patchwork enthusiasts will find plenty for them because they were all too often put off by the high price of tiles sold by the piece. Others may see this as a way of avoiding the painful problem of choosing from too many options. Everyone will appreciate the price.


We propose a multicoloured version, …

… and a version in grey, black and white. Each batch is different.

At Beatrice and Antonella’ home in Venise

A few daring and hard working customers did not hesitate to order a completely personalized patchwork, like lovely Eveline Hoorens.

And we also sometimes succumb to the irresistible appeal of a personalized patchwork, here in black and white for the kitchen on the Canal bank, Brussels.