“Primula Arborea”

Small bush growing on
4 “Kleurtjes” 13x13cm and
blooming at the very beginning
of Spring (leaves
come out later).
The flower looks like
a primrose.

Suitable for all kinds of soil
and sun exposure.

“Kleurtjes” 13 x 13cm
painted by hand

pattern ”Primula Arborea”

18,00€ VAT incl./tile

Ceramics is a complex technique and everything is far from possible . So, the range of
colours is limited to 44 associations, but …

Details : click on the image ...

… We can still make studies for other combinations of colours. But, due to intolerances between enamels and unpredictable results, a sample has to be approved by the customer before the order is placed.

The “Primula Arborea” can grow vertically …

… or horizontally …

“Primula LIGHT” is a lighter version :

13 x 13cm = 15,00€ VAT incl./piece
20 x 20cm = 25,00€ VAT incl./piece