The delicate art of closing a space is all ambiguity.
Prison, barrier, cage … it is the symbol of deprivation of freedom. Gate, guardrail, door … it protects.

This is the most obvious application of wrought iron, probably because the resistance of it allows efficient closure,
while letting air and light to pass through. When the iron is raised to red by the fire, it becomes malleable time to beat
it in a sleek and graceful line, paradoxically very near the calligraphic sprouting of a brush.
A work that has become extremely rare.

But we have acquired a great experience in this field by applying it to furniture and hardware.
The railings appear as a logical sequence !
Because there is not a house, a building that exhibits its guardrails as the perfect opportunity to express
the style of its time, its fantasy … or more recently its lack of imagination.

So, if we really need cages to protect ourselves, it is not necessary that they are gilded,
it would be an overly expected effect. But, that they are pleasant to look at,
that they sometimes evoke the vegetable world, there outside,
it is good.