Of all that I have done and displayed, I think that iron is the most misunderstood of all products.
However, elegance is never born only of good design, it is also born of the work of iron and this aspect seems totally unknown.
Because there is the iron that is bent and cut , it is the one we see everywhere, but there is also the iron that is fired to red to be shaped, thined, to be given the impulses which suddenly make it echoe the vegetable world … and it is not the same work, nor the same result.
Understand me, when it comes to iron I was born touchy because I was born in Brussels, the city of Victor Horta, where not only the learned windings of iron created by the master are necessarily part of my founding images, but also where Art Nouveau has deployed so many examples more modest but nevertheless charming at the corner of innocuous streets.
So, I do not take blackbirds for thrushes, nor bladders for lanterns, and I want to proclaim loudly that there is iron and iron.