CLASSIC CURTAINS in Velvet or Linen :


Net curtains :


FLAT PANEL as a portière :


FLAT PANELS as a tapestry :


FLAT PANELS for a canopy bed :
Velvet for winter or veil for summer …


The price of the curtains depends on so many variables that it is always calculated case by case, so on estimate.
Nevertheless here are two examples :


Double curtains :
(2x) 195 x 260cm
18m of velvet + 17m of cotton for the lining = 1.444,00€ VAT incl.
Imprints “Méchants Oiseaux” x 4 = 600,00€ VAT incl.
Making up (Flemish heards) = 354,00€ VAT incl.

Total = 2.398,00€ VAT incl.