The gardens, according to Ossart&Maurières, are a vibrant tribute to the aridity that saw them born, and at the same time they are incredibly lush. Plants that have been patiently harvested from the arid areas of the world are then raised in their gardens.

They thrive there perfectly with extremely economical water management.
So here no fake English grass at the edge of the swimming pool (we are in Morocco),
but the soothing shade of a jungle with cleverly orchestrated apparent disorder like a painting.

Their glazed or natural terracotta tiles came next as an obvious extension of this approach.

Some bear the elegant imprint of a few emblematic plants of their dry gardens, such as palm leaves, for example.
Other less elaborate ones strongly modernize the spirit of terracotta tiles.

To find out more about the gardens of Ossart&Maurières:
Read “Praise of Aridity” published by Plume de Carotte (€29.00)

For some time now we have had problems obtaining the tiles from this collection.
The creators, Ossart & Maurières, gave up facing the ever greater difficulty of finding craftsmen who were willing
to produce them, …and departed for other heavens. I hoped for a while to continue, as these tiles matched perfectly
with my research. But today I feel like I’m writing for an obituary.

Some of the products we sell were once very hard to find, now they need to be removed from the catalog
for lack of fighters to produce them, while others are endangered species.