The shells are now protected, it is no longer possible to collect them for commercial use.
We will therefore no longer be able to restock and must limit ourselves to selling our existing stocks
… until they are exhausted.



An English couple who had traveled a lot, especially in the Orient, decided one day to settle down… in England.
But without forgetting everything they had seen and loved. And finally they elected the Philippines to extend travel
become almost immobile, creating jewelry and objects from local crafts.
Because what really seemed “rich” to them there was the extraordinary cultural variety of this archipelago of 7,000 islands,
all different, sometimes under Spanish influence, sometimes under Indonesian influence…

But in fact, when we look at their creations, it is above all the myth of the “noble savage” which seems to have inspired them:
a sort of return to the raw sources of craftsmanship using the natural materials of the place.
It is certainly not by chance that they chose to name this style tropical rustic, and indeed
the peasant evocation induced by the word rustic seems appropriate.
So very nostalgic “peasants” from London, Paris and Brussels will be able to dream in front of
these wonderful little squares of pearly shells to embed in their walls,
like so many slightly distant lights, small discreet signs of the great Nature which still rumbles there far away…
As for me who loves words so much… that I have spent my life drawing, I would repeat like a necklace of litanies
“shell tiles” as this assembly suits me so much.

Text was written in 2002 to present these precious tiles.