Traditional Nepalese architecture resembles a fascinating dialogue between wood and brick,
both abundantly carved with the same decorative themes, so much so that it sometimes becomes
difficult to distinguish one from the other.
From this disorder ultimately emerges a very strong illustration of a very particular conception of the world.

In the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, there are many large chimneys in brickyards.
Vast stacks of bricks, the visible side of which is decorated, follow one another, a sort of room without roofs on the walls.
improbable, more or less arranged by motives.
We come across everything there, and even a few men, laborious ants on the scale of this brick universe.

We have selected some fairly innocuous or universal motifs, including the 8 Buddhist symbols,
to be able to imagine them elsewhere. And we reduced the thickness of the bricks to 1.2cm, which became useless
since they have lost their structural use.

But since then, as we have stopped scouring the world in search of rare tiles, our stock has almost
totally gone and we removed Nepalese bricks from our catalog.
We still have to hope that, also aware of climate issues, we will not be replaced by intensive tourism!