Vietnam, like China, has a long history in ceramic and porcelain production,
even if it is rather vases than tiles that are made there.
Which explains why there are plenty of workshops of all sizes that are still operating there, a real paradise!
Their knowledge of working the earth and passing through fire is such that the transition from vase to tile did not represent
any difficulty for them. All they had to do was choose the decorations and they could apply them immediately. Some of great virtuosity,
others simpler but taking advantage of their long pictorial tradition and their ease in handling the brush.


At master VU DUC THANG, fine technician (and bonsai collector) …






At PHAM TIEN KHANG, just as fine a technician and aesthete…









Unfortunately, these collections with a very clearly Far Eastern accent were not successful with us!
And since then we have also stopped traveling the world in search of rare tiles and tried to bring production closer together.
from our latitudes, we are content to sell them until our stocks last.
A technical and cultural loss for our catalog but an experience from which we emerged enriched.